K P Vijaykumar, chief technical officer, talks about the importance of identifying strengths early in life and working on them relentlessly, being the keys to success. We at 3mguru are committed to guide students on a path of self-discovery by identifying their strengths early and honing them.

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Stage 1 When I was a child, God was explained to me in a way that my tiny intellect could grasp. For me back then, God was a Superhero. He was good, kind, powerful enough to thrash all the bad guys. He could do all magic possible. I believed he was there near me, though I could not see him. And, if I am near him, nothing bad can happen to me. At t

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  Work becomes play if we build a career that naturally excites us. No monday morning blues. No weekend burnouts. We go to work whistling and come back with a song in our lips.  A job that matches our strengths does not sap our energy. Exhibiting our natural talents every day makes us live a dream.   A golden pot wont do any good

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Land of Vision

Human eyes are gateways of knowledge. A major part... Read More

Mar 29, 2021, 2 Comments

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