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3mGuru Pedagogy

  • 3m guru
  • Sep 11, 2021
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Real education is not filling young minds with information, but enhancing thinking, learning and execution skills.


In the future of formal school education,

  • focus will move away from information dissemination to acquiring foundational skills
  • from lecture based to experiential learning
  • with lesser emphasis on academic subjects and a greater emphasis on increasing cognitive and emotional capabilities of the mind


3mguru, a digital learning platform for school students!

 It is a pioneering, one-of a kind effort to bring the future of education right into your palms

We have launched two formats of learning

Self Discovery Journey is our flagship program.

Children love stories and it makes learning fun.

Each course will focus on one foundational skill- visual, auditory, emotional, and thinking.

Children will learn basic techniques to improve skills like concentration, memory, emotional quotient, critical thinking etc. They also get assessed in these skills

All this in an enjoyable story based format.

Casual screen time could never have been used better.


Features of Story based learning series:


l  Animated stories with inbuilt learning

l  Practice activities integrated into the course

l  Most suitable for kids of 6 to 16 years of age.



For kids who want to to one-up those skills , can take a 3mguru Live Workshop with our experts and take the learning a step further


Features of Live Workshops:


l  Maximum of 1:5 teacher to student ratio

l  In-depth skill upgradation

l  Strength assessments

l  Practice Worksheets

l  Weekly activity schedule


Our learning series and live workshops help to train and test the students in the above mentioned fundamental skills  and hence their entire personality is transformed by developing these skills and they become more and more in control of their own mind and body.  Over time, a calmer, more clear-thinking personality emerges. They are more ready to cooperate, more eager to help others and interact generously, happier and more interested in the world around them.


Moreover our courses help students to identify their abilities and also how to leverage and develop them. With this parents can know what their child’s natural talents are and it’s easier to find suitable education and career. Thus we find paths that children want to pursue and will keep them happier.

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