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5 powerful ways to choose the right career for your child

  • 3m guru
  • May 25, 2022
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If a child lands in a career that aligns to his strengths and passion, work becomes play, and life becomes a joy.

But choosing the right career can be a roller coaster ride…

From an early age, children offer subtle signals as to what they are good at, and where their interests lie.

Parents must be extremely vigilant to detect these signals and quickly nurture their children's development in that direction. 

In this article you will find five ways that will help your child choose the right career.

Lets jump right in…

1. Find a mentor

For your child, find a positive, supportive role model as his mentor.

Often, a child’s teacher could fit in this role.

A mentor will help the child understand various aspects of different professions.

An excellent mentor can also help the child quickly discover his passion.

2. Spot their strengths

No one understands a child better than parents.

Observe children while they play with friends, engage in household chores, etc. and quickly make a note of the things that they are good at.

Up-skill them in what they are good at. Small skills are the foundation of a successful future career.

3. Set an ideal example

Remember, children are keen observers.

A child observes if you go to work happy; whether you love doing your job.

Set the right example. Never complain about your work in front of them.

They should acknowledge that choosing a career that one loves is possible.

4. Leverage technology

There is a saying that ‘an early bird catches the worm’.

Today, technology platforms are there to help. Taking up online assessments can also help bring out the best in your child. 

Some self-discovery apps have courses with inbuilt assessments for different skills; which aids parents to identify the core strengths of their children.

It helps measure their expertise in various career skills, and compare where they stand vis-a-vis other children.

This will help choose the field they can shine in.

5. Be patient and supportive

Remind your child that finding their way is often a long process of self-discovery and experimentation.

Encourage them to try different tasks and activities to discover their passion. Let them fail! Many a time, failure motivates them to get better.

Motivate them to continue learning about themselves. To find their purpose. To continue growing into the unique person, they are meant to be.

Which method from the above are you going to follow, to help your child choose the right career?

Are you finding your child a good mentor?

Or, are you going to try an online self discovery app?

Let us know in the comments below…

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