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7 Parenting Insights from the National Education Survey 2022 - A Research Study On Effectiveness of School Education

  • 3m guru
  • Jun 1, 2022
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Is schooling important? Yes!

But there is an overwhelming feeling among today’s parents that school education falls short of addressing the overall development of their children.

This feeling is further supported by the findings of National Education Survey 2022; an ongoing research study done among Indian parents by 3mguru.

Let’s see the highlights of the survey findings...

School education is not equal to holistic education

Indian schools focus primarily on academic subjects. Parents feel there are many other essential dimensions of child development that are being missed.

9 out of 10 parents feel that apart from academics, separate training in skills like concentration, critical thinking and problem-solving skills is essential for school students.

But the problem is, this need is not addressed by our academic system.

Only 43% agree that their child’s school is taking special care in imparting skills like concentration, critical thinking, problem solving etc.

School education should be future focused

Most parents believe that there is a mismatch between knowledge imparted in schools, and that which is required in a professional environment

Only 7% of parents believe that knowledge gained in today’s schools will be useful for their children in their future career

More than 85% parents believe that there has to be a shift from ‘knowledge' based education to ‘skill’ based education at school level

8 out of 10 parents want specialized career skills like coding, graphic designing to be imparted at schools.

2 out of 3 parents want career orientation brought from an early age.

Newer formats for knowledge dissemination

Lectures and rote learning have to take back seat. Newer formats like ‘story based learning’ should be promoted to make the process of education more engaging and rewarding. This will make education deeper.

This is proven by the finding that 90% of parents believe, educational concepts can be better understood by students if it is intertwined with stories

The importance of emotional skills and behaviour management

The digital era has its own downsides. Kids are exposed to a host of media channels. This causes behavioral and emotional management issues in children.

This pinching need is highlighted by almost 95% of the participants, who believe that separate training in emotional and behavior management is essential for school students.

Education should be a process of self discovery

There is no doubt that every child has latent talents. Education should uncover a child’s hidden strengths and uncover his  uniqueness. Education’s real purpose is self-discovery and not just accumulation of knowledge.

An overwhelming majority of 96% of parents believe that every child has a unique potential and that identifying it early is important to success.

Digital education is the future

There is a real need for an educational process that addresses the unique need of every child.

Almost 9 out of 10 parents think that a personalized learning system suited to every individual’s strengths is a necessity.

But do we have such a system in our overcrowded schools with a skewed student-teacher ratio? The answer is a resounding ‘No’.

Could technology come as an aid to this?

With the advent of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, such customization is now possible.

There is a debate whether digital education will dominate physical class rooms in the future. Despite that, most parents are aware that digital is the future.

Only  17% parents object the notion that ‘digital education is the future of education’

Online education course preferences

Most big educational technology companies like Byju’s and Vedantu  focus on online tuition. But, the preference of parents lies elsewhere.

A majority of parents look for online courses to improve their child’s foundational skills, rather than academic subjects.

The following are the percentage of participants who said they will enroll their children in an online course to improve different dimensions...


Cognitive Skills 77%
Value Education 72.5%
Behavioral and Emotional Skills 66.6 %
Career Skills 66.6%
Strength Identification 66%
Academic Tuition 42%

The above results confirm that a fresh outlook is needed for Next-Gen educational process. Today’s parents want holistic education for their children which should address their cognitive, emotional and value needs. With the implementation of New National Education Policy, there is hope that this would become a possibility.

Do you want to participate in the National Education Survey 2022? Voice your opinion here

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