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8 ways to know if your child is emotionally intelligent

  • 3m guru
  • Jun 9, 2022
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No amount of hard work or specialized skills will make up for a lack of emotional intelligence, especially for students. Not sure how to recognize this essential trait in your child? Here are few characteristics of emotionally intelligent students.

They are positive

Students with high emotional intelligence are positive most of the time. They will find a solution to their problems rather that crying over them. They do not complain about any situation.

They know people well

Students with high emotional intelligence will come to know at once, how people feel. They sense the nature and character of the people quicker than others.

They Identify their own feelings

We all experience different feelings, but how many of us actually identify and become aware of them? There are only a few people who actually identify their feelings and find reasons for that. Children with high emotional intelligence are aware of their own feelings.

They embrace change

Children with high emotional intelligence accept changes that comes their way and take it as a part of life. They embrace changes in their school and in future career which paves way for success anywhere in the world.

They set limits

They say yes or no clearly, in any situation. Whether it is positive or negative, they answer confidently and convince people about their behaviour. They communicate truthfully rather than manipulating facts.

They improve strengths and overcome weaknesses

Students with high emotional intelligence know their strengths and work hard to make them better. They also know their weaknesses and strive hard to overcome them.

They make everything interesting

Whether it is playtime or math homework, kids with high emotional intelligence turn it into fun. Nothing seems boring to them and they love whatever work is assigned to them. Such kids do every task with passion and create a positive atmosphere all around them.

They avoid comparison

Comparison makes humans feel sad and unworthy. But students with high emotional intelligence avoid comparing themselves to others. They know their strengths, strive to be better at them; and will be truly satisfied with their capabilities and achievements.

EQ is as important or more important than IQ. Learning to manage emotions should start at a very early age and should continue through one’s career. Parents can apply many effective techniques and activities to improve children’s emotional intelligence; which will not only be an asset to the student, but to humanity as a whole.

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