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Are all children alike?

  • 3m guru
  • Jan 1, 2021
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Work becomes play if we build a career that naturally excites us. No monday morning blues. No weekend burnouts. We go to work whistling and come back with a song in our lips.  A job that matches our strengths does not sap our energy. Exhibiting our natural talents every day makes us live a dream.


A golden pot wont do any good for a climber plant. All it needs is a wooden stick to flourish. A cheetah cannot win a single race if it has to spend its life in water. A small fish will defeat it. An elephant can never climb a tree. But it can uproot one. The biggest tragedy of life is to get trapped for years in a job that does not match our strengths, does not touch our souls.


The duty of a parent will be complete, if the child’s real nature is identified.


The 3 -step magic formula for parenting success will be to identify a child’s core strengths, enable ways to enhance those skills and guide her into a career that would match those skills. But the real challenge for a parent is to identify those inborn natural abilities. Where to start? What to assess? How to evaluate? 


Some parents are blessed with the natural smarts to spot their child’s genius. Some just get plain lucky. For others, luckily, there is professional help. One such effective solution is the story based self-discovery course by 3mGuru.


This course stimulates a child’s mind towards a journey of self-discovery. It captures a snapshot of a child's mental map and gauges different areas of his intelligences. It throws light on his comfortable and natural modality of learning and doing things. It provides guidelines on careers where a child will have the natural edge to compete and win.


Happy Parenting!


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