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Can positive thinking create positive results?

  • 3m guru
  • Jan 12, 2021
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Do you believe that thoughts become actions?


Once, in an experiment conducted in a world-renowned Mind Workshop, participants were blindfolded and were falsely made to believe that a red-hot object was put on their backs. Many participants physically felt the burning sensation and consequently started developing blisters on their backs.


The mind is so powerful that whatever is strongly conceived within itself will manifest in its physical form. Positive belief, desire and expectations produce positive outcomes whereas persistent negative emotions will invariably result in a life filled with miseries.


Thoughts are actions in a fine form. Actions are thoughts in a gross form:

The seeds of thought that we sow in our minds germinates into actions which creates our physical reality. We all live our life twice. Once in our thoughts and once in the physical world. Any great feat must be first conceived within the mind. Great architects, artists, sportsmen have all first conceived their engineering marvels, great work of arts, and their grand victories within the confines of their imagination before it became a reality. But what reality we want to manifest is purely a product of how we manage our thinking mechanism.


Why is the mind pre-occupied with negative emotions?

Research suggests that negative thoughts like worries about your child’s deteriorating performance, fears about your own failing health, frustrations of lost opportunities of the past and anxiety about future financial commitments consume a substantial majority of our mind’s time.


Whenever we wish to be positive, there is an overpowering mental surge that constantly takes us back to our negativity. It is also a form of survival mechanism. The survival instinct of all living beings has been programmed to be cautious and watchful about changes in environment to stay away from predatory traps and dangers. But as human beings we have the power to consciously apply our minds positively and purposefully to evolve into the best we can be. This is in no way suggestive to be carefree and unaware of life’s perils. It is rather to consciously enjoy the fruits of taking the human form to the fullest.


Can negative thoughts and emotions mess up your life?

If negative emotions are left unchecked, the stressful state of living develops into its harsh nature of reality which manifests itself into depression, cancers and many other ailments. It can create a generation of people with crippled minds who can never reach the heights of their fullest potential. Dwelling in your past mistakes and failures can lead to a stressed and cluttered mind which is the spring of negativity and pessimism, which ultimately becomes the root cause of the downward spiral which spins you into a whirlpool of misery, confusion and ill health. It takes a toll on your professional and personal life.


Don’t get it wrong. Life is all about problems. You overcome one, you’ll face another. There is always another problem waiting down the corner to pull you down. As you travel, you are bound to face failures. Failures will hurt. It is impossible to feel happy about something that hurts, but failures should never produce an unhealable scar that leaves a permanent dent on your self-image. A self-image that is weaved with self-doubts and pessimism becomes a huge burden to carry along in life. That is why many settle for mediocrity where all they required was a change in mindset to reach the heights which they were capable off.


What will be the result of positive thinking?

Keeping your mind focused on your goals, overcoming from temporary setbacks, learning from your past successes is no easy joke. It can test the mettle of even the strongest willed men. The sum of all your encounters with successes and failures, victories and obstacles should be an upward trend. Without a positive belief system, this is not possible. There is no doubt that thoughts influence your health. Thoughts influence wealth. A mindset which is clear from the garbage of the past and filled with desire, belief and expectation is the spring of success. The difference between great achievers and the, could-have-been is that.


Such a ‘calm under the storm’ mindset which stands solid in the time of adversity, quickly regains its composure, takes failure in its stride and has positive and vibrant outlook is the winning difference in the current world filled with complexities and uncertainties. A mind with positive outlook looks beyond past mistakes, ignores the influence of past on your current actions, identifies opportunities and remains focused on your present and future goals. It is the foundation of building a meaningful life. It is the well from which productive thoughts, actions and opportunities spring from.

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