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How to remove mental fat using repeated efforts?

  • 3m guru
  • Oct 12, 2021
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Mind has to be exercised in repeated patterns to keep it fit. The mind, unlike the body is not stable in nature. It wanders in all directions when idle, and collects all sorts of unwanted dust.

 With time, this accumulated dust turns into what is called as mental fat. Like physical fat, this mental fat distracts our mind from being productively engaged.

The mind becomes clogged and acts sluggishly. Quick decisions and actions becomes tough. In time this could lead to serious issues.

 To avoid this fate, the mind has to be trained to act under our control. By engaging it in set patterns, this can be accomplished.

 The best way is to engage in 'active meditation'. Unlike traditional 'observational meditation' which is spiritual in nature and is effective in self realization, active meditation is therapeutic. It can be practiced to address specific issues.

 In active meditation, the mind is commanded to imagine a series of things, places or follow designed paths. When these patterns are repeatedly employed rigorously over a period of time, the mind can be brought under control. As a result the mental fat can be destroyed. A fit and healthy mind can be achieved.



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