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Course Overview

Give wings to your child's mind!

In this digital age, with online schooling and rising screen time, children’s tender minds are burdened with enormous stress.

They are exposed to uncensored content filled with biases and violence. This could bend their minds in undesired ways if left unchecked.

At around 8 to 14 years kids build foundational skills and value systems that they carry through their lifetime.

With proper training and mentorship, they could imbibe right habits, skills and attitudes at the right time.

Do you notice any of the following in your child?

:-1: a wavering mind with less focus on important tasks

:-1: an inability to control emotions like anger, jealousy etc.

:-1: narrow mindedness with little empathy for siblings and other kids

:-1: complacency and inability to follow a routine

AlphaMinds is a 12 week holistic mind development program for kids of 8-14 years age to improve,

 :-1: Concentration

 :-1: Behaviour

 :-1: Values

 :-1: Critical Thinking

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How can Alpha Minds help your child improve cognitive, emotional and thinking skills?

The Alpha Minds program gives your child a definitive competitive edge for success in studies, career and life in general.

Through this 12-week period, kids learn and practice foundational skills that bring permanent changes in their skillset and attitude towards life.

They are put through a process of self-discovery that brings the best out of them and helps chart a future career path that suits their strengths and talent

What do they learn during the course?

The following are the skills that are covered in different modules of the AlphaMinds 12 week program,


1. Visual Intelligence, the ability to learn by seeing. More than 70% of human learning happens visually. Children with good visual intelligence,

:sunny: are good at processing information

:sunny: are better academic performers

2. Auditory Intelligence, the ability to learn by listening. Better listeners absorb knowledge more effectively and are also emotionally intelligent. Kids who are better listeners are,

:sunny: better academic performers

:sunny: good team players

3. Creative visualization, a dynamic mind exercise that children can practice easily and effectively. It has a positive, relaxing effect on their minds. It is a proven method to improve,

:sunny: creativity

:sunny: and emotional intelligence

4. Positive affirmation is a highly-regarded psychological technique to channelize thoughts and regulate them constructively.

It is used to help kids understand themselves better, choose their best-suited career path, and to start taking action to achieve their goals. It is an effective tool for, 

:sunny: keeping a child's mind focussed

:sunny: self-regulation

5. Visual Imagery, the power of images to transform mind. Psychologists believe that our overt behavior is governed not only by the environment but also by the unconscious contents of our minds. Hence, practicing the art of holding images in mind and getting creative with them has a profound effect on, 

:sunny: behavior 

:sunny: attention

6. Mind Gym, the body-mind connect. Improve fine motor skills. Evidence-based findings suggest that exercises involving simultaneous coordination of both sides of the body have a therapeutic effect on the mind. It is shown to improve,

:sunny: concentration

:sunny: memory

7. Energy exercises, to channelize the life force within. A lot of ancient philosophical thought was invested around channelizing the body’s energy channels. It was believed that the great potentialities of the body could blossom through tapping this inner reservoir.

Alpha Minds trains children on various safe breathing techniques that produce positive effects on the mind. These practices lead to

:sunny: rigidity of will

:sunny: stability of emotions

8. Mindfulness, the highest form of self-regulation. A mind whose creative faculties are in the whole communion with the present without being buckled by the negativeness of the past and the anxieties of the future is a potential genius.

A mindful mind is the most fertile ground where creative energy flows. This workshop trains children on the art of mindfulness. This practice has shown to increase

:sunny: dedication towards work 

:sunny: an attitude of empathy

9. Goal-Setting: A workshop that teaches the art of setting goals that inspire. Leads to,

:sunny: finding life's purpose

:sunny: staying on path towards excellence

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What are the requirements?


You will receive the free session link after you enroll. Course details and fee will be communicated during the parent counselling session. 

What am I going to get from this course?


:+1: 12 live mentorship sessions with max. 5 students per batch


:+1: Live sessions are handled by a seasoned educational psychologist


:+1: Access to 300+ practice activities for daily practice


:+1: Individual evaluation of student through assessments


:+1: Detailed student ‘future’ report at the end of the course


What is the target audience?


8 to 14 year old kids

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  • Much needed session in this scenario. The goal setting template is so useful to keep my child focused.
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  • different daughter finds it interesting and she is practising the mind exercises everyday. first time she is doing something on her own. This much value at the price of a weekend outing.
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