Brain Gym

Kids' daily exercises for an active mind, improved focus and concentration

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Course Overview

A 30-minute daily activity to increase attention, focus and concentration

With online schooling becoming unavoidable, children’s screen time has risen. This leads to a disturbed mind with a lack of concentration.
Brain Gym for kids teaches a set of 19 Finger and Eye-Ball exercise techniques to keep their minds focused and improve attention spans.
How to do the exercises correctly?
A step-by-step explanation for each exercise is given, on how to learn the techniques correctly and avoid common mistakes
What will happen if my child does this everyday?
Practicing these exercises for 90 days have shown proven results. Parents have reported their kids have improved concentration, memory power, ability to focus for longer spans. Some parents have even reported decreased anger and better listening to commands.
When should I do these exercises?
Practicing these exercises right after waking up in the morning is good. Also practicing just before study time in the evening has had profound impact in attention spans.
How can my child attend the course?
There are in built interactive video content that can be accessed immediately after you enroll
Are there any Live Sessions?
Yes, we schedule periodic live sessions for subscribers who enroll to this course.
Is the content interactive?
Yes. Children will love to learn as they play with the interactive content and animated videos, see images below
Badharish's Mom "I picked up his book, and was surprised to know he remembered  the lessons he learnt for last exams even without revising once"
A do along video is also provided that shall be used to practice everyday after learning all the techniques

What are the requirements?

Mobile or Computer

What am I going to get from this course?

Improve mind activeness

Increase attention span

Gain the power of concentration

What is the target audience?

6 to 16 years

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