Mandala Meditation

An 8-week live workshop to improve emotional quotient and behavioral skills

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Course Overview

Emotions are necessary for human beings to live fulfilling lives. But an overly emotional mind is a clouded mind. Training children from an early age to keep emotions under their control helps them to gain complete mastery over their minds. Such a mind conjures up the capability to face life’s uncertainties with confidence and achieve their set goals; by clear thinking and execution. This workshop helps your child to be mindful of their emotions and trains them to construct their emotional flow positively and efficiently. The curriculum comprises methods and techniques picked from modern cognitive-behavioral theories and ancient constructs like yogic breathing, meditation, and mindfulness. 

What are the requirements?

Workshop can be attended in computer. In mobile devices it can be accessed through web browser

What am I going to get from this course?

Improved behaviour skills, emotional quotient and intelligence

Mapping and evaluation of emotional skills with respect to other students

What is the target audience?

Age 8+

About the Author

Guru means being a teacher of skills, a counselor who helps in the birth of mind and realization of one's potential, who instils values and experiential knowledge, an inspiration who helps guide a student's overall development. 3mguru - your friend, philosopher and guide.

Course Curriculum

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