About Us

3mGuru is a technology based educational platform that offers 360 degree transformation

Our courses are created by the best subject matter experts.

Every child has a hidden potential to excel in a unique field,

Our courses which have in-built assessments offer parents a snapshot into a child’s skill matrix. This allows an early peek into the future and mould the child into a winner.

Recognition of completion through certificate courses,

Completion of courses are honoured by certificates. The certificates are digitally provided and comes in downloadable formats just in case a hard copy is needed.

All our courses are designed with the child in mind,

Our courses are engaging, fun filled and mostly activity based so that today’s child burdened with rigorous academic commitments does not get bored or stressed.

Assessments are done pre and post completion,

Our courses come with integrated assessments and quizzes to quantitatively measure the progress the child has made in attaining the course objectives.

Complete engagement and permanent transformation,

Our courses are deployed in a wide variety of media formats like video, audio, quizzes, assessments and worksheets that reinforces the learning process.

Instructors with sound knowledge and diverse backgrounds,

All our course instructors undergo rigorous screening and evaluated for proficiency in subject knowledge, content creation and course delivery.

About the team: We are the band of educators with a quest to create digital course content and make it accessible to the children around the globe with the use of our technology platform. We believe that the education has a potential to be personalized like never before in the history of mankind.

Our expertise lies in subject matter proficiency, course creation and course structuring. We deal with educational components that are often ignored in an academic setting like cognitive development, emotional control and value education.

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At 3mGuru, our passion to offer the best of best education drives us. We strongly believe that education has been the greatest tool of human advancement throughout the history of mankind. There can be no doubt that with modern methods and technologies, the delivery of education is currently the most sophisticated than it has been ever in history. That being said, there is also an indispensable necessity to expose children to subtler aspects of life, that are required to create well rounded individuals rather than intellectual zombies.

The teaching of these subtle aspects is required to solve conflicts every human being faces within them and in the outside world. This is imperative to leading a successful and satisfying life. The world will be a much better place if we can nurture individuals who have strong self-realization, have clear individual goals and societal roles.

Our conviction is that there is a lot of synergy between modern science and ancient wisdom. The goldmine of wisdom that has been left behind by the elevated personalities of the past could not be undermined and needs to be reproduced in a relevant format that suits the current educational context. This when blended with the theories and practices of modern educational science and research, and served in a personalized format using technology, the resultant educational process will benefit the human race as a whole.

Our vision is to change the way every modern-day child grows, learns and evolve. We are on a mission to touch the life of every individual by empowering him/her with the knowledge and skills to start a journey of self-discovery, mastery and self-discipline.


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