About Us

3mGuru is an ed-tech platform to improve foundational skills

In this section, you can find out more about 3mguru, what we do and how we can help your child…

What is 3mguru and how can it help your child?

3mguru is a mobile app platform for a child to excel in academics, competitive exams and future career. It boosts a child’s foundational skills. It also helps the child to assess herself in an array of skills with respect to other children in the same age group. These children are against whom she will compete in the future. Assessing against her peers will help to identify her innate talent early in life. This will give her a definitive edge to succeed in future.

What are the important features of 3mguru platform?

3mguru has a collection of courses that focuses on different foundational skills. Every course has been designed with your child’s interest in mind. Courses have pre-assessments, post assessments, interactive practice activities, and explainer videos. This gives a holistic educational experience. Children will get a detailed performance report at the end of each course. It also has ‘My Talent Zone’, a place where children can track and compare their performance in every skill with respect to others in the same age group. Courses have been intertwined with stories to up the engagement levels.

What are foundational skills and why they are so important?

Foundational skills are the fundamental skills that are essential for all children. They help a child to learn, think and execute tasks effectively. Foundational skills can be cognitive or emotional in nature. Skills like pattern recognition, spatial recognition, auditory discrimination etc. are some examples of cognitive foundational skills. They help children to understand, process information and make better decisions. Skills like positivity, self-regulation, empathy are some examples of emotional foundational skills. They help children to handle life’s experiences and challenges effectively, and come out a winner. Both types of foundational skills are essential for a child’s success. Such skills are not taught in school, but cannot be ignored and are very essential. Foundational skills form the basis for Specialized Skills- those skills a child should selectively acquire based on career demands. For example pattern recognition is the foundational skill that is required for coding, which is a specialized skill.

How can one find a child’s innate talent with the help of foundational skills?

Winning or losing does not depend on the perceived skill level of an individual. It depends on how good we are at a particular skill with respect to others against whom we compete. Demand for a particular skills may shoot up or or come down based on market demand and industry. Going behind run of the mill careers will result in a stagnated career at mid way. Building a career based on the skills in which a child is in the top 5 percentile of competition ensures career success, life long growth and prosperity. Foundational skills are the basis of specialized career skills. So measuring a child’s skill level in an array of foundational skills with respect to peers with whom she should compete in the future, is the best way to identify a child’s talent. That will give a realistic picture of where the child stands, what her strengths are, and help to chart a suitable career path from an early age.

Why take 3mGuru courses?

Our story based courses focus on the above four aspects and many more foundational skills to ensure that students’ learning curve is complete and they will be in a position to better manage themselves and their future.

Who create our courses?

3mguru curriculum and content is designed by experts in diverse fields. All our course instructors undergo rigorous screening and evaluated for proficiency in subject knowledge, content creation and course delivery.

New age kids need new age skills

The world around us is changing faster than ever before. Uncertainty is the new normal. This requires education to prepare children for a world of rapid change in technology, increasing inter-connectedness, and new forms of employment. Acquiring content knowledge is no longer sufficient in the age of Google and Youtube. Children should develop foundational skill sets to be agile learners to succeed in education, make themselves indispensable at future work and to enjoy continual growth and progress in the future. 3mguru helps parents develop a roadmap to identify, understand their child’s needs, and lay the groundwork for their success in education and career.

At 3mGuru, our passion to offer the best of best education drives us. We strongly believe that education has been the greatest tool of human advancement throughout the history of mankind. There can be no doubt that with modern methods and technologies, the delivery of education is currently the most sophisticated than it has been ever in history. That being said, there is also an indispensable necessity to expose children to subtler aspects of life, that are required to create well rounded individuals rather than intellectual zombies.

The teaching of these subtle aspects is required to solve conflicts every human being faces within them and in the outside world. This is imperative to leading a successful and satisfying life. The world will be a much better place if we can nurture individuals who have strong self-realization, have clear individual goals and societal roles.

Our conviction is that there is a lot of synergy between modern science and ancient wisdom. The goldmine of wisdom that has been left behind by the elevated personalities of the past could not be undermined and needs to be reproduced in a relevant format that suits the current educational context. This when blended with the theories and practices of modern educational science and research, and served in a personalized format using technology, the resultant educational process will benefit the human race as a whole.

Our vision is to change the way every modern-day child grows, learns and evolve. We are on a mission to touch the life of every individual by empowering him/her with the knowledge and skills to start a journey of self-discovery, mastery and self-discipline.