About Us

Triminds Edusolutions is the parent company of 3mguru

We are experts in instructional design. We create e-learning content that educates, engages, and transforms


We adopt gamification elements as part of the learner’s journey to improve user engagement


We take a multi-sensory approach in our pedagogy with audio, video, interactions, and simulations


We take a story-based approach wherever possible to provide experiential learning to the user


We embed assessments within the course journey for the student to internalize concepts better


Our LMS has built-in leader boards and ranking systems for skill mapping and talent discovery


We create digital books with built-in dictionary and interactive elements to make reading a joy

Founder's Message

“Content is available today at everyone’s fingertip. We keep skimming so much information; but real learning doesn’t happen just by consuming content. For learning to happen, the information should be packaged to absorb the users’ senses rather than to distract it. It is a futile task to develop learning content that is not compelling enough to keep the users motivated enough to hold on to the journey till the end. It must engage them in every possible way with one goal in mind- to transform them, in one way or the other. That we believe is the ultimate goal of instructional design- ‘To have a transformational effect’. We ask ourselves this question when we design our e-learning modules. Does this content transform? We only rest when we make sure it does.” - Praveen M, Managing Director, Triminds Edusolutions Pvt Ltd

This is the age of the knowledge worker. Training a human resource is no more a supplementary task. Cost of training employees can be brought down by taking a hybrid approach- a mix of instructed led sessions and on demand content.

For institutions like schools and colleges, imparting education is the primary task. Here e-learning could act as a multiplier in ensuring that the student becomes well rounded and gains exposure to a wider range of attributes apart from academics, especially in skilling and personality development.

Training needs are different for different users. We design the learning objectives with this diversity in mind and develop content that appeals to the segment. We design content keeping these sensibilities in mind, and ensure that the process of training is engaging, empowering and enlightening to the student.

When we design every course, this remains at the top of our minds!

Refund Policy Effective as of November 20, 2018: Thank you for subscribing our Courses. For details on our refund deadlines and policies, please refer to the information below; We at 3mguru ensure detailed content quality experience through our courses. We provide full support with enrollment, purchase and completion of our courses. Please note that we treat violations of our Terms of Use very seriously, and we have no obligation to offer refunds to learners who are found to be violating these terms, even if their requests are made within the designated refund period. We always advise reviewing the online videos/content available on 3mguru for getting an overview of our teaching and lectures that we provide, before finalising enrollment in any of our courses. However, in any case, if anyone still wants a refund, can apply for the same within first 7 days from date of enrollment and submitting a valid reason for cancelling the course subscription and will be surely taken care of. If any student pays the fee for an online course and raises the refund request within 7 days of activation, 100% of the Course Fee will be refunded through bank transfer or cheque. Learners could only be awarded a refund in case of a valid reason submission within this period. Post 7 days no refund will be entertained and processed. Refunds would be released 20 days from date of approval for the release of refunds through bank transfer or cheque. For refund requests write to support@3mguru.com