Listening Skills

Improve auditory skills

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Course Overview

The ability to recognize patterns in verbal information is crucial to a child's ability to learn effectively. From absorbing information from classroom lectures to  perfoming well at work, auditory pattern recognition is a cruicial pre-requisite

What are the requirements?

Course can be accessed through 3mguru mobile app and website

What am I going to get from this course?

Improve auditory pattern recognition skills

What is the target audience?

Recommended for 6 to 16 yrs kids

About the Author

Guru means being a teacher of skills, a counselor who helps in the birth of mind and realization of one's potential, who instils values and experiential knowledge, an inspiration who helps guide a student's overall development. 3mguru - your friend, philosopher and guide.

Course Curriculum

Listening Skills Activities

  • Sound Patterns
  • Telephone Number
  • Train Station
  • City Map
  • Forest Sound Safari