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Creative Visualization and how it helps overcome behavioural complexes?

  • 3m guru
  • Jul 19, 2023
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You encounter an unpleasant situation in school…

This experience gives birth to negative emotions.

To resolve the situation psychologically, the mind creates a complex.

What is a complex?

A complex is a bundle of repressed emotions, memories and perceptions that revolve around a particular situation.

It acts like a knot in the psyche and starts influencing behaviour that is sometimes puzzling for parents and teachers.

These influences become deep and stay for a long time and lead to long term emotional problems, until they are brought back to awareness and resolved.

Creative visualization or active imagination is a powerful tool to deal with these negative complexes.

These are the five ways in which creative visualization could help deal with negative complexes,

1. Reframing Experiences: It helps reimagine and reframe the experiences, memories, or emotions associated with the negative complex.

2. Psychological healing: Visualizing healing mental images and experiences that evoke feelings of comfort, safety, and support, help to counteract the negative emotions that are part of the complex.

3. Building confidence: Mental rehearsal of responding to triggers of real-life situations and overcoming those challenges helps cultivate a sense of confidence and self-assurance.

4. Altering behaviour: Visualization of engaging in positive behaviors will strengthen the ability to react constructively and feeling empowered.

5. Integrating the psyche: Visualizing a dialogue between different parts of the complex will lead to fostering understanding and reconciliation. This integrates the fragmented aspects of the self and promotes a sense of wholeness.

While we are becoming aware that so much is at play in the depths of human psyche, it is time to reevaluate the conventional education process, especially when it comes to teaching values and life skills to children.

Exposing them to mundane moral science sessions just scratches the surface of what could be a huge hidden potential for real transformation. If value education’s goal is to bring real behavioural transformation, it demands an in-depth approach and knowledge of deep psychology.

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